Elevation Profile of Interstate 680 (California)


i680elevationElevations were found using the help of this tool. The height of the Benicia Bridge is according to Wikipedia.

Much Fewer Statistics on the Third Semester at MIT

Seriously, compared with last time, this is much diminished. Especially when one considers that the latter half of summer is included here.


Screenshot from 2013-12-20 00:55:22

The numbers for Cafe Spice for November and December may be slightly lower than they should be.

Meals eaten in a dining hall: 0


Not enough statistics/sleeping happened.




Northernmost No More

For a semester, I’ve lived in Random Hall’s Room 442 on Pecker, and because of my purposeful bed placement such that I’d sleep more to the north of the residents of the other x42 rooms here, I was able to claim being MIT’s northernmost dorm resident. Next semester, however, I’ll be moving to Clam, but hopefully the reasons for which I’ve decided to move to Clam make it worth surrendering the title of northernmost MIT dorm resident to someone else. Good luck to the next holder of the title, whoever it happens to be.

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