Leaving Facebook

On August 9, I permanently deleted my Facebook account. Well, not quite. Facebook accounts, after request of permanent deletion, stay for fourteen entire days before they actually allegedly remove the stuff. And because this is Facebook, they probably retain a whole bunch of stuff that they probably do something with.

Anyway, around now, the account should be disappearing.

I have often mentioned that one reason I don’t like xkcd as much as most people believe I would is because they keep executing the same ideas I have before I do. This time, however, I did it first: I defriended my Facebook friends in generalized reverse chronological order of friending before this was posted. Ha. Grr.

Why did I leave Facebook? As you guys hopefully know to some extent, Facebook is extremely sketchy. The set of things I could look up on Facebook and arrive at my page in the suggestions with really irked me. In addition, recent things Facebook added were utterly ridiculous. There were many changes that are almost objectively inferior, and the addition of ads to the main stream of stati are just egregious. I’ve decided I’ve had enough and I am glad I no longer use Facebook: no more W(v)u account (2010.10.07-2013.08.09).

Fun fact: the 6th character of my Facebook password was o.


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