Two Years

This blog has now been here for two years.

Wow. Already.

The most popular page on this blog so far is The BART Map, to Scale, with 11106 views. Next is the home page, with 7762 views, followed by 2013 USAMO Qualifier Statistics, with 2213 views. The least popular (non-deleted) page so far is Volcanos, Cyclones, Earthquakes, with 4 views, although despite its small view count it somehow received 4 likes, that is, one for each view. (Of course now that I mention this page, this 100% like record will probably not hold long.)

The United States is the country that has visited my blog the most, a total of 31818 times. Taiwan is next, with 612, followed by Canada with 513, United Kingdom with 327, Australia with 176, and India with 154. Germany, Brazil, France, South Korea, and Indonesia have also had over a hundred view totals to this blog.

The most popular search query leading to this blog so far is “bart map,” followed by “usamo qualifiers 2013,” “2013 usamo qualifiers,” “how to pronounce chinese names in english,” “zyxyvy,” “sonnhard graubner,” “usamo qualifiers 2012,” “world map outline labeled,” “zeus sex,” “b a r t map,” “titularly,” and “world map outline.”

The day with the most views so far was this blog’s 654th day, with 1331 views.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a new banner. Can anyone figure out what it symbolizes?

And now, my favorite posts so far. I think I liked these two the most.


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