Intensity Distribution: Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Hurricane Seasons, 1990-2012

The number in a row and a column for each basin is the number of storms that achieved a minimum millibar pressure less than the pressure listed for the row in the year for the column. The two most intense storms of each season with their minimum millibar pressure are listed below the columns for each year.

Some notable storms that did not make the top two for their season: Atlantic: 1995—Luis (935), 1999—Lenny (933), 2005—Dennis (930), 2005—Emily (929), 2005—Katrina (902); Eastern Pacific: 1993—Fernanda (934), 1994—Emilia (926), 1994—John (929), 2002—Hernan (921, actually tied for 2nd).

Note the utter dominance of the 2005 season in the Atlantic basin.



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