17040877 External Forces on Turtle Shells

I remember the game Epic Combo from quite a while back. I happened to run across it again yesterday and thus decided to play it for a little bit, Unlimited Mode. Ten minutes into the game, I began a launch that took, uh…quite a while.

Seeing as it wouldn’t stop anytime soon, I went and did laundry, and then took a shower.

It was, of course, still going. Hence, lunch. Then a bunch of minesweeper.

Still going strong. After visiting a friend for a couple of hours…dinner…more odds and ends…I just decided to go to bed pretty early leaving it on at this.

I woke up around 2 AM. Well, now that I was awake, I might as well check how that game was going. There were only two shells left.

I started playing minesweeper again so I could have something to do while I stay here and pinpoint exactly when these last two shells finally come to rest. The second-to-last one went at 3:08 AM…

…and the last one finally settled at 3:34 AM.

17040877 combo. In other words, nearly 3000 times my highest DDR combo. That’s how epic combo goes.

In any case, making a chart for this was irresistible. Counting the number of shells active in most of these would probably not be too accurate, but combo versus time is still chartable.

(Note: the chart includes a couple of other data points collected not presented above.)

As intuitively expected, the trend looks almost perfectly exponential, and the total minus the present combo with respect to the time is approximately an exponential decay.


One thought on “17040877 External Forces on Turtle Shells

  1. Ever tried Epic Combo Redux? I’m quite sure you won’t get it to stop before a week if done properly (aka many stompers or so). Add the x5 hammer and you will get past the 100m mark quite easily (but with some time).

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