A sparkling stellar dipper of the growler of the earth
Made of a flock of seven lights that there together fly
At the base of the formation in a natural blue
A meek but subtly radiant one that here in the bowl lies.

Glowing just above and in a fierce and fiery red
Leading the group in their daily full circle ’round the sky
Second brightest of the set but surely more the bold
Knows at heart the positive sign and knows the reason why.

Combine the brilliance of the two and hence extrapolate
Raise with pure imagination through the air a line
Northward shall this shaft extend until a light it sees
Strong the place it takes yet like a grain of salt so fine.

These great benchmarks that we know of origin distant long
Together fuse to make a link to where it has begun
A stable, common standard that the wide world lives upon
Most beautiful, most powerful, almighty polar one.


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