The MIT Basement Tunnel System (UPDATED)

(UPDATE: Guys, this isn’t the latest update of the map. Search the blog for “Update 3.”)

I spent today exploring the MIT basement tunnel system, and made a map.

Someone should seriously make a video or flash game with a world based on the MIT tunnels.

A few notes:

-Short, thin, white tick marks drawn perpendicular to the tunnel cut off portions of the tunnel that are locked and require special permissions to access. Note: the line at the lower left of building 68 that looks like one of these tickmarks is actually part of the building 66 sub-basement.
-Thin lines that don’t indicate locked areas show the passageways of sub-basements. There are sub-basements in buildings 32, 36, and 66 (well, at least the ones I’ve discovered so far).
-The break between the building 7 basement and the building 3 basement is a driveway.
-The tunnel between buildings 56 and 54 is very hot and has very squeaky pipes.
-The southern west-east tunnel in building 32 has pipes so squeaky they could make a symphony.
-The E25 tunnel smells like wood.

UPDATE: Basements of 9 and 13, sub-basement of 9 trekked, added. I’m very sure there should be something connecting 7 to 9, but I couldn’t find one.


6 thoughts on “The MIT Basement Tunnel System (UPDATED)”

  1. There’s also a tunnel from 62 to 64 (but not from 62 or 64 to elsewhere — there supposedly used to be a long time ago, but not anymore)

  2. There are also tunnels from 68 to the Koch institute (76) and from 76 to 32. They might only be open 9-5 on weekdays. I haven’t tried after hours.

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