A Few (Horribly) Random Poems

I decided to post some of the poems I wrote over the past three years or so. I am a pretty terrible poet, and I’m not just being humble.

1. A Bird Stuck in Lazar’s Classroom, Attempting to Escape

There’s a light outside the window
Looming up above the sill
Resting high upon a pillow
Fluffed with freedom, love, and will
But this conspiréd illusion
Has within its heart a nil
And it mocks of the concussions
Of those that try to fly on still

3. Verbosity


4. Six Seven Eight One Fifteen Sixteen

Chances are
No one actually
Opened eyes.
How it comes to be
Part of this
Strange reality?

7. Ten Three

(1) Oh, let this sigh bring me on by
Past worlds of sorrow to where thought can fly
High to the sky
What was always needed was a decoy
To make a mind more of joy
Hearts to deploy
Dreams to enjoy
(67) Coming back from insanity
Returning to reality
That is when I can finally
That it’s okay
Living as life may
Where many paths lay
Perhaps here’s a way
Back to today
A newer day

8. Exodendrite

The problem with resetting passwords
One would never know
What it was before

10. Silence

13. Umbralinthyne
Ti trewawiftsa utimic
Ias betsiye jemmok tyaib
Ayclit edabyo slustaw olis
Laslad ymaya ainbem liwidias
Ybs tyne ilien mida.

Ti gebadan atiye biliya itep
wiktiac tyhwet dita
Ikyftsa ii ifliad wawecific
Laslad ymaya ainbem liwidias
Ybs tyne ilien mida.

Ias betsiye jemmok yma.
Laslad yma yara inbim.
Laslad ymaya ainbem liwidias
Ybs tyne ilien mida.

Crama fa tibsapi; mas ha.

14. ,,!!,,, ,.,.





17. Randomnoeia
tiger rubberband overlord reconsider magnify rococo meninges
opligwate mandible an stringpluck ytterby redolence ostinato blastocyst hologium tranquilize
greenhouse lovely triflic foxtrot kleenex orange limit zwischenzug infinite sabertooth a cactus
chaos reuse why obiwan cornea an friction ziggurat ebay regia decimate le spork laboratory
the and use melancholy induction edible horoscope hairdry fifty-seven epistrophe reno concoct adverb weathervane
floss non droop multiplicanda enchilada mombasa eka beehives smootfarad easterly for-loop
or the the it carnot engine over the green pastures it asfjkladsfkljhgaf
grapefruit octothorpe luteum orthoclase vindaloo temujin null magnify reconsider rubberband parakeet yoctofortnight
octane hitherto eat whoops soliloquize sixteen recession jibberwakc deltoid kosovo of
chaos a trololol cloture a comma wartortle magnify eat many green apogee geras
ornery exclamation redoubt terracotta quasar collaborate unigloo moisture induction randemonium a


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