The Solar System, with Distances to Scale, Mapped onto Interstate-80

As some of you probably know, I-80 is the busiest interstate in the United States stretching from a western terminus at US-101 in San Francisco to an (darn why can’t we have an indefinite article that is starting-sound indiscriminate in English (darn parenthetical remark breaks appropriateness of selected article (darn nested parenthetical remarks break reading flow))) eastern terminus at I-95 in New Jersey near the New York border.

In the following maps, I mapped the Solar system in terms of distance from the Sun onto I-80 to scale, with the Sun at the western terminus in San Francisco. One mile on the map corresponds to approximately 5 gigameters in reality. The extent of the marked portion for each planet and dwarf planet in the first three maps goes from perihelion to aphelion.

As something extra, I included a diagram of the sizes of the larger of the bodies on a map of downtown San Francisco, on the same scale as above (note that, of course, only sizes, and not distances, are to scale in the following map only). The width of this map covers approximately 2 pixels on the third map of the five above.


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