Planet System Superposition Chart, Part 2

First, see the introductory information in Part 1, if you haven’t already.

In this chart, unlike Part 1, each line represents 10 megameters, or 10000 kilometers. For the first few lines, Part 1 will provide better resolution and specificity. This chart contains the entire moon systems of the planets. A few notes:
1) No moon is large enough in its size to take up more than one line in either chart (although some in this chart, Ganymede and Titan, for example, would be large enough to take up mulitple lines if the Part 1 chart extended enough to reach them.)
2) Saturn is also known to have a “Phoebe Ring” around the neighborhood of the orbit of Phoebe. Data on this ring is very approximate, and thus this ring is omitted from the chart.
3) For moons without separate periapses and apoapses shown, the two are close enough to each other to be contained in one line of the chart.

So there’s a major delay on top of the time necessary to complete a graph of this scale (it’s 84.8 meters long as a graph), due to the fact that all file types either paint was unwilling to save a file of this size for or does not do well when shared over the web. The great and amazing Edward Wang helped me around this file-converting thing. Thanks so much.

Oh, and if you would like the image at the original quality, you will have to come visit me and I could show you the Excel spreadsheet. Sorry.

I spent a lot of time and effort on this. Feel free to share, but please remember to credit me, as well as Edward for the converting. Please do not make a profit off of this.

If the chart doesn’t display properly, you could download the image here.


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