Summer 2010

[?] represents something I can’t decipher the handwriting of. Light green marker on nearly white T-shirt=sad face.

Ray, you are one of the coolest persons I have ever met. Never, ever change! Love, Jessie

Amen (except maybe a few things)! It was a pleasure. Hit me up any time. -Adeline

Ray, you’re a very interesting guy. Don’t loose your unique [?]. FED

Rhyzyx, May 9409 EPGYians attack you! —Karanveer

Ray/Rhyzyx, You’re good at math and I’m glad you were in my group. -David

RAY youre too amazing. ill miss you!! ♥jane


I’ll miss finding out random mathematicians’s birthdays! Silviana

Ray, I love your parodies. Don’t change kip da piano UP! KARL

♥ and Cupcakes -[?]

Ray, don’t hang your king! ☺ -David S.

Ray, Love UR PIANO!! Have a great yr ♥SUMaC! —Tina


I enjoyed playing chess with you! Daniel

Be yourself! —Dan

Best wishes —[Name written in Chinese characters]

Best A luck —Tian

Ray, It’s been incredible Let it rock [?] Never change —Manik

I wish you a plain life! -Can

Sigh. The good ol’ days.


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