bye (n.) the transfer of a contestant to the next round due to lack of an opponent.

change (v.) make different.

Chen (n.) genus of migratory waterfowl.

chin (n.) the lowermost part of the face.

chow (n.) food.

ding (v.) make a ringing sound.

do (v.) perform.

drew (v.) past tense of draw.

e (n.) a mathematical constant equal to \lim\limits_{n\rightarrow\infty} \left(1+\frac{1}{n}\right)^n, or approximately 2.71828183.

fan (n.) apparatus with rotating blades that provides cooling.

fang (n.) large, sharp tooth.

FEng (n., abbrev.) Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Gao (n.) capital of Azawad, population 86633.

gin (n.) machine for separating cotton from its seeds.

Han (n.) character of Star Wars associated with the Rebel Alliance against the galactic empire.

he (pron.) subjective pronoun representing a male antecedent.

hoe (n.) long-handled gardening tool.

how (adv.) in what manner.

joe (n.) coffee.

LAU (n., abbrev.) three-letter code for the Manda Airport of Kenya.

lee (n.) side sheltered from wind.

lei (n.) Hawaiian flower necklace.

Leo (n.) fifth Zodiacal constellation, with first magnitude alpha star Regulus.

ling (n.) common name for the flower Calluna vulgaris.

linn (n.) the pool under a waterfall.

long (adj.) measuring a great distance.

ma (n.) mother.

Min (n.) Egyptian god of reproduction.

pan (n.) metal container for cooking food.

ping (n.) test of the round-trip time to send a message to another computer.

pwn (v.) to dominate a rival.

shall (v.) helping verb expressing a strong intention.

shhh (interj.) a command to be quiet or silent.

shone (v.) past tense of shine.

song (n.) poetic words set to music.

sue (v.) to take legal proceedings against.

sun (n.) type G star at the center of the Solar System.

tang (n.) a strong taste.

tie (v.) attach or fasten.

tongs (n.) instrument with two movable arms joined at an end.

Wang (n.) municipality in central Austria, population 1345.

Wei (n.) common name of the star with Bayer designation Epsilon Scorpii.

when (conj.) conjunction introducing a temporal comparison.

who (conj.) conjunction introducing an appositive describing a person.

wren (n.) bird of the family Troglodytidae.

Wu (n.) nickname of Neil Widdop, vocalist of alternative rock band This Et Al.

yen (n.) a yearning.

Zhang (n.) Urdu and Khowar newspaper.


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