World Flags

The following map shows the proportions of height to width in the flags of the countries of the world.

Now, the gallery of similar flags:

(Australia, New Zealand)

(United States, Liberia, Malaysia)

(Netherlands, Luxembourg)

(Slovenia, Slovakia)

(Austria, Latvia)

(Andorra, Moldova)

(Turkey, Tunisia)

(Mexico, Italy)

(Bulgaria, Hungary, Tajikistan)

(Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua)

(Ireland, Côte d’Ivoire)

(India, Niger)

(Guinea, Mali)

(Lithuania, Myanmar, Bolivia)

(Cameroon, Senegal)

(Qatar, Bahrain)

(Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Iraq)

(Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela)

(Romania, Chad) (the difference is the shades)

(Poland, Singapore, Indonesia, Monaco) (the last two different only by proportions)

Nepal is the only country with a non-rectangular flag:

Flag of Nepal.svg

Paraguay is the only country with a flag with different front and back sides:



South Africa and South Sudan earn the distinctions of having six different colors without using any coat of arms/emblems:

Flag of South Africa.svg (South Africa)

Flag of South Sudan.svg (South Sudan)

There are flags consisting of and only of red, white, and blue, the most popular flag color triplet, in every inhabited conventional continent:

North America: Panama, United States

South America: Chile

Europe: Czech Republic, France, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, United Kingdom

Asia: Laos, North Korea, Thailand

Africa: Liberia

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand


6 thoughts on “World Flags”

  1. And I thought every country except Vatican and Nepal has 2:3 or something… (Vatican is 1:1 and Nepal is not rectangular, but the rest I don’t know)

    What’s Poland’s height to width proportion?

  2. whoa very nice and useful site! world is amazing!
    I from Poland and I realized that, there is other flags very similar to Polish! ouh!

  3. faut le drapeau suisse fait aussi partie des drapeau non réticulaire

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