The BART Map, to Scale

One thing that has always bothered me is the fact that no one ever drew a map of all the BART stations to scale. But really, I still have not seen a to-scale map of the BART system: not BART’s Map:


not Wikipedia’s map,


which, interestingly, has two stops in the wrong order (UPDATING EDIT: On 28 December 2012, the Wikipedia map South San Francisco/San Bruneo flip error was corrected),

not BART’s old map, which hilariously is the most accurate there is so far (in fact, they probably intended for this to be to-scale, but made quite a few mistakes doing it),


not even Google Maps’ illustration of the BART system, which only has the stations in the proper locations but not the connections between them.

And thus, I set out to create a to-scale version of the BART system map. I’m quite technically challenged (I would say profoundly technically challenged, but as I found out today, I’m evidently the only member of my family that knows that Ctrl.+P is print, not paste), so I welcome you to amply laugh at me as I note that I made the following map using tools in MS Paint and looking at Google Standard and Satellite maps. (Note that although that means there’s some degree of uncertainty, it is far smaller than the error in any of the maps I presented above.)

If you use BART even occasionally, you could probably figure out what the difference between blue elements and black elements in the maps is. Also, just in case you wanted it superimposed on Google Standard Maps:


So much for being a senior in Spring Break.


5 thoughts on “The BART Map, to Scale”

  1. This is cool! Are the black underground and the blue above ground?

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