Expressions that could use Updating

“Bite the Dust/Bullet”

Evidently, biting the bullet refers only to an unpleasant situation whereas biting the dust refers to death or the end. If I recall correctly, bullets are more lethal than dust…or is this another one of those “things deadlier than ______” that I don’t know about?

“Like Father, Like Son”

This seems to imply superlative similarity between father and son. Actually, of all four direct relations of one-generation difference, the father-son relationship contains the least similarity, and thus any of the three other combinations would be more fitting to be the saying: mother to daughter, mother to son, and father to daughter are all a transferring of an X chromosome. Father to son is only the transferring of the much smaller Y chromosome.

“Every Tom, Dick, and Harry”

Take a look at the people around you. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is named James. Or John. Or Michael. Or Kevin. But definitely not Tom, Dick, or Harry.

“When Pigs Fly”

Swine flu in 2009. Need I say more?

On, the other hand, here’s a really fitting expression:

“Hit the Books”

To study for a test or exam. If it’s a really hard one you probably will indeed be hitting the books. Hopefully the books are hard too, so that they’ll be able to…um, what was it? bite the bullet instead of the dust.


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