An Astronomy Puzzle

Xela frequently enjoyed wandering off into the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of the vicinity of his urban residence. He remembered when his area was still tranquil, but recently the unbelievable population boom in his country, now one of the most populous in the world, made nature seem further and further away from life. The city he lived in was one such booming city, but the two similar cities to its west and east were exploding in population even faster. Up on the high mountains two countries to the east in the same line as that triplet of cities was yet another great metropolis, but not growing as fast. In his area of the world, there were cities everywhere. Because he loved gazing at the stars above, the deluge of lights that abounded the city saddened him greatly. Fortunately, these trips to the countryside sufficed to fulfill his desires for making friends with the stars.

He saw an area strangely devoid of stars that contrasted sharply with the splurge of bright stars to its north. In this group included many of the brightest stars of the night sky, one of which was a brilliant blue star almost in an optical double. After gazing at this wonderful assortment of lights, he turned his attention to the northeast and viewed another bright constellation, one mostly dominated by blue-white and white stars with blue stars mainly occupying a fainter magnitude. Looking further to the northeast, he finally found the brightest star of the night sky.

Even where Xela lived, it gets pretty cold at night, and yet the burning of the stars light-years away felt like it was at the same time burning a most familiar fire inside his heart that gave him a contented warmth.

Now for the puzzle: where does Alex live? Give the city and the country.

Hint: Unscramble AAIILLMNNOOR.


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