Dragonland’s Dragondawn: Piano Transcription

Some of you may know that one of my favorite works of music is Dragonland’s “Dragondawn” (from their first album The Battle of the Ivory Plains). If you haven’t heard it before, I recommend that you close your eyes while you play the Youtube video, as I personally feel it is shockingly amazing (of course, I make no guarantees on subjective matters) and is remarkable to cosmic degrees, and closing your eyes really intensifies the richness of slow, grand music. In any case, when I first heard it about a year ago, I was very surprised that nobody had arranged a piano version of such a wonderful masterpiece (or at least, my Google search brought no relevant results), so I decided to start arranging one myself. Of course, halfway through, massive procrastination struck, and I’m only finished now. But I finished. So here’s my piano transcription of Dragonland’s “Dragondawn.” There’s some pretty tricky leaps, but it shouldn’t be that bad, although on the piano it only sounds half as awesome as in the original version.

The song “Dragondawn” belongs to Dragonland.


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