How the World was Created…

Out of chaos (confusion), emerged two beings: Plankos (matter) and Bangos (energy), whose children were five bosons (Photos, Gluos, Wees, Zees, and Higgia) and many monopoles. Plankos hated all of his children but particularly the monopoles, and these he sent to Void (nothingness). Bangos was irritated that her husband had so much hatred for his children, so she asked the bosons to rescue the monopoles but only Higgia agreed to help, and he was successful in overthrowing his father but unsuccessful in bringing back the monopoles.

In any case, Higgia, now ruler of the universe, defined the matter of his constituents by his own terms, and married Gluos, producing six Fermionic children: three sons (Upion, Charmion, and Topon) and three daughters (Downia, Strangia, and Botia). Knowing what deed he performed, Higgia feared that the same will happen to him, so he swallowed his children, Topon first because he knew he would have the most trouble digesting something about his size, then Botia, Strangia, Charmion, Downia, and finally Upion…except, not quite. He figured that since Upion was the tiniest and meekest, he definitely will not pose any problems and thus lazily just threw him into his mouth without checking if he went through his alimentary canal. In fact, Upion, being small and quick as he is, slid out of Higgia’s mouth, and Upion grew up and waged war on Higgia, the epic war of Fermions versus Bosons. Eventually, Higgia lost, and was forced to regurgitate Downia, Charmion, Strangia, Botia, and finally Topon, who upon extricating bursted Higgia into pieces. Upion sent Higgia along with many of the Bosons to a very quantum part of Void, especially most-punished Higgia, who still now can sometimes be seen struggling to return from Void.

Upion, the victor, now divided the universe among his brothers, sisters, and himself: Upion was in charge of all the Fermionic gods, and Downia was his wife. Charmion was the god of charmness, Strangia was the goddess of strangeness, Topon was the god of truth, and Botia was the goddess of beauty.

Meanwhile, four ages of universal existence pass by: first was the golden age, when Higgia ruled, when everything was plentiful and warmth and snugness abounded. Then came the silver age, when the particles became less and less friendly with each other and drifted apart. By the bronze age, the world was cold, and parts of the universe started highly using force, and in the sad age, everything was sad.

In any case, when everything was settled, all the promiscuous Fermions interbred and produced children, all of which had highly radioactive attitudes, except Protonus, a son of Upion and Downia. Protonus was often able to calm his sister Neutronia, and they when together loved constructing, and made massive buildings. Of course, there were the forces (Gravito, Elektros, and Spektros) that even Upion in his boldness was obedient to. By demand of these forces, Upion spared Photos, Gluos, Wees, and Zees, who the forces lovingly protected. Poor Higgia had no patronus and had to stay in quantum Void, a place of misery and torture, until someday maybe Upion will have some sympathy. Upion’s clan, however, stayed in power and continues to rule today.

There are many other stories involving the particles, from wonderful to disgusting to hilarious, but this here is just the story of how the world was created.


3 thoughts on “How the World was Created…”

  1. Nice one! (Higgia had no patronus? Huh?)

    Should I critique you linguistically or physically? Or not at all?

      1. Well, then. I like it. 😛 Write more! And give me ideas for college apps 🙂

        Also, you may not want to subscribe to that particular blog of mine – it’s full of really immature posts from a couple of years ago. I started a new blog; gonna start posting on it soon.

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