Island Puzzle

Assume the landmasses of Eurafrasia, America, Antarctica, and Australia don’t count as islands.

1) Find a US state for which the majority of its area is on islands xor the majority of its population is on islands.

2) Find a country for which the majority of its area is on islands xor the majority of its population is on islands.

3) Find a US county for which the majority of its area is on islands xor the majority of its population is on islands.

Chess Puzzle

Construct a chess game that ends 5. Nxd8 Nf3#.

What the Colors Stand For

You may know that my personal colors are black, blue, and yellow.

Here’s what they stand for.

Whereas oftentimes a set of colors has symbolism such that each color represents something, with my personal color set, each element of the power set of the three colors represents something.

{} represents imagination. Imagination is paramount to innovation and new artistic discovery. What really makes human achievements awesome is the involved imagination, and yet this imagination could still be much greater. The world needs more crazy ideas.

{Black} represents openmindedness. And black is my central color, in part because I emphasize openmindedness above all else. It is natural to evaluate new ideas as more absurd than they actually are, and it is good to repress this tendency. Different perspectives provide more insight. The best way to gain knowledge is to entertain different approaches to problems. Minority opinions should be protected, including offensive ones. If they are indeed minority opinions, and they don’t advocate violence, they shouldn’t be feared. Even if ideas are wrong, notions arrived at along the way could be instructive. And history shows that time and time again what is considered insane at one time is considered what was right after all just a century later. No one knows a significant proportion of the knowledge in the universe. One should remember that one could always get more educated, and that what prevents this education are those that try to prevent these conversations from happening and that belittle those that try to reach those that think differently. I have beliefs, and I have strong beliefs, but time and patience permitting, if you have evidence against my beliefs, I am eager to see it, and if you manage to convince me there’s more evidence supporting what you believe than I have supporting what I believe, I am eager to change my mind.

{Blue} represents respect for nature. Nature is where we came from. Nature allowed us to live. Humanity has not just practical reasons but a moral obligation to be respectful to that which allowed it to happen. Humans should also reflect on humankind’s innovations to think about how life has naturally experimented with optimizing qualities for billions of years more than humans have, and more frequently consider if nature, through the wisdom of being around for these billions of years, has solved a similar problem to a problem humankind is currently trying to solve. I do not identify as a humanist: I revere nature, the Earth, truth, and life in generality above the human.

{Yellow} represents celerity. Time should be the ultimate enemy of all. Time that is lost is not recoverable. The world has serious problems, and time is running out. It’s important to be fast, and being fast is underrated. Being fast is more important than doing it right more often than people think. Being fast will likely give one more time to try again if one does it wrong the first time. Not wasting time is important. Being on time is important. More things in life should be speedran.

{Black, Blue} represents tonight and tomorrow. Too many focus on the present and the daytime. Too many focus on what is now and what is flowing in the mainstream. There is a glory and beauty to the night, the darkness, and what is hidden. And tomorrow should be kept in mind when making decisions as well, because wellness today shouldn’t come at the cost of the state of the world in the future.

{Black, Yellow} represents science and technology. There have, through history, always been too many that attack science, or that paint scientists as unsightly or socially unwelcome. It must be reckoned that many societies are hostile to science, and that these forces must be fought to secure science its capability to make the world better. Yet at the same time, this is not an endorsement for never doubting science; the true scientist knows that to be on the side of science is to be on the side of doubt, and that doubt prompts discovery. Doubting is good; hostility is bad. Still, one should ask about those criticizing scientists: are they more willing to criticize scientists than others? Because often, they are imposing this unfair double standard. Beyond this, there needs to be more openmindedness about technology’s capabilities to change society greatly for the better. With any revolutionary technology, there are too many out to decry it as evil because of the views of tradition and how the technology changes society. Of course technology will change society, but many are much more eager to see the bad sides of change than the good sides of change, and technology changes life massively. Support of technology also needs to be made clearly separate from support of technology corporations, which can be a problem because especially as they get larger, they are not really on the side of advancing technology or advancing the world, but are rather technology as tools towards unfair profits and power.

{Blue, Yellow} represents Californian pride and Swedish affinity. Blue and yellow are both the colors of California and the colors of Sweden. {Blue, Yellow} simultaneously represents that I am proud of being Californian, that is, being from a state that has consistently been at the cutting edge of societal progress and bringing the future, and that I believe that of the world’s countries, Sweden is the closest to what a good country should be, both in how it treats its people and how it treats other countries and the world. ]

{Black, Blue, Yellow} (which is, among the six main colors, a set negative of {White, Red, Green}, the colors of Christmas) represents aggressive rejection of tradition and traditional values. Throughout history, the most frequent barrier to progress is the cry of people claiming that their traditions are under attack. The absolutely most absurd stream of societal discourse is that one side could provide a preponderance of morally derived arguments and scientific evidence, and another side could claim that these results are against the values of their tradition and their culture, and that people see the latter as being as valid as the former. The fact that society perpetuates this is insanity, and the countering fight must involve not only a recognition that arguments for purely tradition and culture deserve no consideration, but that nonconformism must be actively affirmed and encouraged when nondestructive and that tradition must be attacked because it is constantly on the attackโ€”it is the state of being affirmed by just being. This must be made distinct from carelessly deviating from a standard, as often there are hidden reasons procedures are conventionally taken a certain way that many have forgotten: the proposition is that once the previous traditional state of affairs is understood, if a new system has more merit, appeal to tradition to defend the old system is completely invalid.

Ash the Magic Language

Ash the magic language compiled to C
Or Tango or Elysium or Brainfuck seamlessly
Phoenix, the Ash compiler, ran at blazing speed
“For happy coding down the line” was Ash’s vowing creed, oh

Ash was very known for debuggability
With paradigm of fail-as-fast-as-possibility
Its types were a marvel for the CS world to see
Maintainers loved it most of all, and championed it with glee

Ash the magic language compiled to C
Or Tango or Elysium or Brainfuck seamlessly
Phoenix, the Ash compiler, ran at blazing speed
“For happy coding down the line” was Ash’s vowing creed, oh

Only one year passed, though, for coders to see its age,
With all the cool kids eager to write hacking’s next great page,
Purple made ML easy, and soon so did Phage,
And Viva got renamed to Blockchainscript and became all the rage, oh

Everyone was leaving for shiny newer ways
Ash became the language for those still stuck in last May
Turns out being solid can’t fight the trending sways
Support for Ash quite soon came to its very final day, oh

Ash the magic language compiled to C
Or Tango or Elysium or Brainfuck seamlessly
Phoenix, the Ash compiler, ran at blazing speed
“For happy coding down the line” was Ash’s vowing creed

Deal or No Deal Democratic Nomination

I’m keeping track of the Democratic Nomination as a game of Deal or No Deal on my preferences. So far, I’m actually doing great, with most candidates that have dropped out being near the dislike end, though I’m still sad about Inslee dropping out early. But both my million dollar candidate and my penny candidate are still on the board, and it looks like they’ll be on the board for quite some time to come.


US Presidential Election Spiciness Tiers

๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ Tier


๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ Tier


๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ Tier


๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ Tier


๐ŸŒถ Tier


Mild Tier


I would predict the coming election to be a ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ election.